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Penquillity is a place of exploration and discovery, of fun facts and frivolous fancies, of harmony and purpose.
You'll find Trelements, Pundles, and Personas.

Wander through the site; it changes when you're not looking, the way clouds change their shapes.

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Art & Threads
Prescott, AZ, United States

My blog is all about the many facets that form my Self. Stories, tutorials, advice, and opinion. Click on the Words page for the latest.

Want to know what's new in the studio? Visit the Art & Threads page for what color ink splashed on the floor or shiny bobble appeared overnight.

Tarot readings shed light on everyday questions we have about life and love, dreams and goals, or life decisions. Tarot is not fortune telling; it is an entertaining way of seeking answers through the intuitive arts.